Video 2: The Interview

Новое видео с заданиями

Фразовые глаголы

come in — phrasal verb. to enter a place
find out — phrasal verb. to learn (something) by making an effort
give out — phrasal verb. to give (something) to many people or to hand out (something)
go back to — phrasal verb. to return to a person, place, subject, or activity
take on — phrasal verb. to begin to deal with (something, such as a job or responsibility)
team up— phrasal verb. to join with someone to work together
tear up — phrasal verb. to completely destroy (something) by tearing it into pieces
throw away — phrasal verb. to put (something that is no longer useful or wanted) in a trash can, garbage can, rubbish bin

New Words

cabin — n. a small, simple house made of wood
cheery — adj. having or causing happy feelings
crossword puzzle — n. a puzzle in which words that are the answers to clues are written into a pattern of numbered squares that go across and down
grumpy — adj. easily annoyed or angered, having a bad temper or complaining often
helicopter — n. an aircraft that can stay in the air without moving forward and that has metal blades that turn around on its top
host — v. to talk to guests on a television or radio show
offer —n. the act of giving someone the opportunity to accept something
lock — v. to fasten (something) with a lock
people person — n. a person who enjoys or is particularly good at interacting with others
personal skills — n. (interpersonal skills) the skills used by a person to interact with others properly
team player — n. someone who cares more about helping a group or team to succeed than about his or her individual success​
want ad — n. a notice in a newspaper, magazine, or website that lets people know about something that you want to buy or sell or a job that is available
wish me luck — expression. asks someone to say that they hope you will have success
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